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Few advantages are fairer than a head start to the day’s race.

Santa Monica, CA


Beating up the sun changed my life. I was struggling to find enough hours in the day. Struggling to find a moment to calm my mind, to feel in control, to enjoy peace.


But then I discovered the serenity of having the world all to myself. I discovered how warming, energizing, and accelerating rising with the sun can be… and all of the competitive advantage that follow.


My hope is that by sharing some of what's working for me, other people might benefit too. My hope is for your best day, your greatest experience of life.


This is what Beat Up the Sun is all about.





Citta Vrtti Nirodah

Written some 2,300 years ago, verse #2 out of 196 verses in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali reads

Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodah. Here we have a clear concise definition of yoga:  the calming of the whirling and wandering mind. What is more practical than that? More than anything else, Citta Vrtti Nirodah is what my classes are all about. The physical practice, the vinyasa, the meditation, the philosophy, it is all in service of calming the mind so that our energy can be directed most efficiently toward its greatest purpose. 



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Sustaining Change
A Guide to Goal Achievement for the Rest of Us

Change is hard, but we tend to make it harder than it needs to be. That doesn’t mean that change is easy, but it can be easier than many of us are making it. Small differences in difficulty can lead to big differences in sustaining change.

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Sustaining Change Through

Old habits resurfacing and enthusiasm waning can feel like the beginning of the end or even failure. These moments are neither. They are valleys, and there are strategies for moving beyond them.


The Perspective Project is Beat Up The Sun's big brother. 


As a family, both share the same core values:


Growth | Heart | Creativity

Both share the same mission: creative solutions to life's challenges. Beat Up The Sun, as a morning routine, and as an invitation to yoga is one of many attempted solutions to life's challenges.

PP and BTS' success will not be measured by profit or revenue, but by the extent to which peoples' experience of life is positively influenced.

What works for one, may not work for another. Please take works, share that with the world, and then leave the rest behind.

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