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Wed, Feb 15



6:30 AM Beat Up The Sun! Yoga

Beat Up the Sun! Yoga is an early morning Power Vinyasa yoga class with upbeat music and an inspirational, physically challenging fusion of traditional, contemporary, and creative yoga sequences. Please follow the link inside the event description to register on the AZIAM website.

Time & Location

Feb 15, 2023, 6:30 AM

AZIAM, 1235 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA

About the event

Please Click HERE to Register

Beat Up the Sun Yoga is an early morning Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga with upbeat music and an inspirational, physically challenging fusion of traditional, contemporary, and creative yoga sequences. Each class includes a core supplement and concludes with restorative floor stretching and a relaxing savasana. All levels are welcome as modifications will be offered for newer yogis as well as those seeking extra challenge.

A personal message from Rick, your instructor:

Morning routines are all the talk these days. Get up early, exercise, meditate… The message goes something like, “Start your day by getting your mind right, and your body right, and you will achieve the best version of yourself. Do it before everyone else, and you will have a competitive advantage in the world.”

That’s good advice.

What most gurus don’t tell you is that that advice just isn’t new. Yoga has been refining the morning routine for over two-thousand three hundred years. Talk about time-tested. And it just keeps growing… Why? 


BODY: Yoga is power. It’s balance. It’s lengthening. It’s calorie torching. It’s all of this in one 60-minute class. That’s efficiency.

MIND: Yoga is simultaneously an exercise of the mind. It’s a presence practice. It trains peace of mind, evenness of mind, and strength of mind. 

More efficiency.

BREATH: The power of the breath is easily overlooked. I say this based on personal experience. Vinyasa trains the breath as the thread that weaves each movement together with the next, as body and mind come into focused alignment.

Want more flow in your life? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the Hungarian-American psychologist who coined the term “flow”, studied yoga as one of the most reliable methods of increasing flow states. Efficiency.

Yoga is control of the body in space through full, ever-increasing ranges of motion. It can be creative, artistic and breathtakingly beautiful.

Yoga is dynamic meditation. It’s presence through struggle. It’s a focusing practice. And it’s an ass-kicker of a workout.

So why is Beat Up the Sun Yoga your ultimate morning routine?    Efficiency.

Welcome to your best morning. I can’t wait to hear about everything you accomplish after class.

With sincerity and gratitude,


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